>Welcome, again!

>    ArtyyShire | ArtyyFreed9m
         ArtyyShire | ArtyyFreed9m

    This is ArtyyShire! Although the name might seem like something related to Art, its not… If you haven’t read the ‘About me’ section yet.. Do it now! đŸ˜› I’m Artyy, and this blog is now my domain! It will be filled with EVERYTHING! Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING, but it will have A LOT of stuff, that might not be in relation with anything I posted before that post…

    After some technical issues, my blog is up! Again!… After 3 trys, with three different names, because of ‘reasons’ (that I will not say). I am FINALLY satisfied with my current blog.. As in name, address, and etc. Hope you enjoy~ and follow me alot… wait a second.. this isn’t, twitter. xP

    And once again… This was ArtyyShire! Or Artyy Heaven – if you like…

– Artyy


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