>The iPhone 4~ The Magnificent??? Or the Complete Opposite??


    The iPhone 4 has stirred up millions of Apple fan’s pockets, as they lined up to buy or see the iPhone 4 after its ‘leak’ (the carefully concealed iPhone 4, in a iPhone 3GS case that was lost at a bar) from a careless Apple Inc. employee… When Apple ‘officially’ unveiled the product, it’s designs, and capabilities awed many fans, and even anti-fans… It was truly what we believed was magnificent… an antenna band which seamed stylish,  the double side glass screen, the A4 processor chip, the 7 mega-pixel HD camera, another additional camera that would be used for video calling ‘facetime’, retina display, and etc

    The day of it’s release, millions of people lined up and bought the iPhone 4. However, the result was totally different than what people thought. Although, all the features were included in the iPhone 4 – also known as the ‘smallest’ smartphone in the world – some things made the buyers angry, and surprised.

Widely Known Complaints:

  • The retina display screen, was great, however the screens were yellow – seemingly similar to the result that happened when Apple tried to introduce it’s iMac with a ‘superior’ screen. 
  • The antenna band, is something that was never thought of before, however the result was – if holding the iPhone 4 in a way called the ‘death grip’ – the signal will instantly drop.
  • Facetime, is an app that only works for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, over wifi, which is not new, or futuristic, as video calls have existed before…

‘So Called Solutions’:

  • The retina display problem is solved, by complaining to AppleCare, and getting a new one. No other solutions were recorded.
  • Apple, officially released their solution to the world, when they held their press conference on the iPhone 4 reception program. Their solution was to give out free Bumper cases, until a certain date and extend that date only if their ‘actual’ solution (maybe a iOS4 update) is not completed yet.
  • There is no solution… at all. And it isn’t actually known as a problem….

    After reading the part above, you may be thinking the following: THIS SUCKS!, I’m not buying that!, or even, I HATE THE IPHONE 4. However, that is not what you should be thinking… because, the iPhone 4 is a master piece, and should be respected…

It is hard enough to make something a few people like, but it is near to impossible to make something a large amount of people like. Whilst it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone, and have no flaws in a product.’ – Artyy-arty

    The iPhone 4 is something worthy of competing against all the smart phones… it is as I say, better, than the Blackberry, better than most of the Android phones. Give a break to Steve Jobs… it was a small mistake in a few batches of the iPhone 4 regarding the reception problem, and he denied it as a problem to keep his company’s pride up… In conclusion… the iPhone 4 (though I don’t have one) is a 8.8 out 10 on the Artyy-arty scale!

– Artyy



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