>TLCMUN Prep & Other Stuff

>    Its funny isn’t it?? When you know you have to do something, but you still don’t do it and procrastinate?? You know… thats what I’m doing right now… I should be actually prepping for TLCMUN.. but I’m writing about preparing for it… I’m sure everyone has done this before… ‘Procrastinate’ the definition, can be found at: Dictionary.com, any dictionary, and everywhere except here… I’m not gonna bother putting a definition of a word in my post.. xP
    But then again… Aren’t blog writers supposed to do stuff that actually make the reader more comfortable to read??? Oh well, BBC and CNN doesn’t do it either.. xP and they are what people will call professionals… So this part of the blog post is ‘self-service!’
 – Please find anything you need by yourself, it builds independenc-y skills (yes, I am aware that there is no word called ‘independenc-y’ but the dictionary is always open to new words aren’t they??)

    BY THE WAY! There is something you might have noticed different about the blog (if you saw it from when it was first created, which I doubt, but for the fun of it, I’m just gonna continue writing… xP) there is something new that is ‘colorful’ unlike most of the other things on the blog… Its ‘colorful’ because its there to stand out… its the ResoRespo / ResoHaven (or is it the other way around??? >.<) Its a Repository that is filled with MUN Resos, however it is private, and only accessible to those that have the password… if you know ‘actually’ know me… please contact me via internet or anything you know I use…

    ALSO, if you didn’t notice… my blog name has changed, and so has the header! It was Artyy | Life Is T00 Sh0rt, but now, (being a bit more creative) it has changed!!! To ArtyyShire | ArtyyFreed9m

– Artyy


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