>First Day of Highschool!

>    Although I hate the idea of a ‘blog diary’ this is the ArtyyShire blog diary entry #1 [just because I thought I should just record this day, and what fun is it writing in a diary that I don’t have… and I’m not gonna go buy a diary just for one entry…] So anyway, here it goes:

    The day many people fear, or for those courageous and brave people, the day they have been waiting for. The first day of Highschool. Today… wait… I mean yesterday… or some time this week was the first day of Highschool, as usual, there was no pressure, as nothing big gets assigned on a first day, but as it was still the first day of school, highschool or middleschool, they are all the same in one point.. DON”T BE LATE ON THE FIRST DAY! However, that was what I just couldn’t do. It was sad, embarrassing and what not.. but oh well, at least I got there early the second day and so on. Back to the story, so although every thing went smoothly that day, only other problem that I ran into [this is not a figure a speech, it is l i t e r a l ] if you didn’t guess correctly it was a door that randomly popped open as I was passing by, by some random guy. Bad luck on the first day no? At least it got better the day after. 🙂

| THE END of the first & LAST of all ArtyyShire blog diary entries |
– Artyy

3 responses to “>First Day of Highschool!

  1. >Hello Artty Shire! Your blog looks like a "copy cat" of this world famous newspaper i have seen – Tigers Eye! Maybe you have heard of it!I have been following your blog daily, and i have noticed that you have some grammatical problems in your postings! I think you should go complain about your English teachers (past 2 years) or maybe they should complain about you!

  2. >Well thank you for ur 'advice' on editing my grammar mistakes. but im a person that has no time. im quite busy. so i haven't been updating my blog much. and if it were daily. wow. i think you have no sense of time. and the world famous newspaper eh? maybe its the otherway. maybe i created both? and my english teachers? u know they can read this rite peaky. mr. k knows this website. maybe i should go complain about u to the cheif editor of tigers eye eh?

  3. >well.. by the way mr. 'peaksen'. it is not very nice to fake ur name. don't u thinks so too mr.k? i should have noticed it b4. now i refer back to it, peaksen isn't very good at grammar either. and he never writes everything in fullform. or make sense on online chats or postings (no offense peak.) and mr.k plz be aware that u have not posted my world class iphone 4 article on ur world famous newspaper, the tigers eye. if its world famous, shouldn't a world class article be on the website??? 🙂

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