>    On the last week of July, groups of MUN students (I am not explaining MUN again, so please search it yourself.. xP) took time on the weekends to go to TLCMUN 2010. The conference, which was mainly college and university students was FANTASTIC! Well, for the Security Council at least. My committee was better than any other committee there was, as we spent the whole weekend coming up with effective solutions for world issues, while laughing our heads off because of many different reasons… Especially amendments to the resolutions, regarding the use of the Delegation of Japan.

    Furthermore, during the conference, I met with many of my friends, that included those friends that I had met with over the numerous conferences I’ve been to before, and those that I hadn’t seen for a while, because of summer. It was nice catching up, especially because all the people had interesting stories to share, as well as the fact that I hadn’t seem them for nearly months!

    On the artyy-arty MUN conference scale, because this conference was neatly organized, as well as well planned, except for the part that we didn’t have desks, but those rotating mini-desks attached to the seat, the conference was first class out of all the local conferences I’ve been to. So the score for TLCMUN 2010, was a 9 out of 10, as the comfort level of the delegates dropped, especially because of the desks, and the lack of admin staff for most of the times.

– Artyy



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