>Global Model United Nations Conference II

>    The great GMUN conference was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, PWCT. This glorious international conference, which was first held in Geneva, Switzerland has moved onto Malaysia. The conference, which is the only official UN related conference, set up by the United Nations Department of Public Information. This MUN conference, is not like all the conferences that our school supports. Our school’s own MUN ‘curriculum’ follows the THIMUN procedures, however this new, special, and amazing conference didn’t follow the THIMUN procedures, but the nearly exact procedures of the REAL United Nations. A few people that were interested became observers of GMUN.

    At PWCT, there were over hundreds of people all gathered to sincerely represent the nations they were given, and solve the issues that were brought forth before them. However, unlike the THIMUN procedures, these delegates roamed free and debated in their own little groups to forge the basic outlines of their solutions, and slowly become more detailed and detailed. Since I only went to visit one day, I won’t be able to write a Artyy-artyy conference scale rating, so oh well for that. Anyway, if you can get into it one day, maybe its near the country you are in, or actually in the country you are staying, then I suggest you try to get in.

– Artyy


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