>Long time no post~

>    Hello people of the electronic world! Its been soooooooooo x1000000 infinity long since I’ve even looked at this blog. Wow! And another thing is that my blog has nearly 200 hits! Ok, I have lots of things to post, so I’ll basically summarize what you, the viewers of ArtyyShire can expect. First of all, my previous articles will be posted on my blog, these include movie reviews, and old conference reviews. These are just basic things, it might be bit out dated, but its something I should move to this blog. (DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: I will not be able to publish my old works, as my previous site that contained most of my articles, has deleted my articles) Anyway, thats just one of the big list of things I’l be putting up on ArtyyShire. Another thing is I’ll be posting my TAYMUN 2010 conference review, and another major thing to look forward to is posts that you can actually read and know about, that might be movie reviews, book review, or etc. Lots of things will be posted, since I think that my blog has been kind of in a slump, because I haven’t posted anything new, so I’d like to say that I’ll put up the things I said in this article soon, but I do have lots of things to do, so I won’t be able to give a precise date. Any questions regarding anything, you can post it up on my chat on -> side of the blog. Thank you for reading this ArtyyShire update! ^^

P.S. However, my article about what MUN is will be up soon, please keep on reading this blog for more updates!

– Artyy


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