>TAYMUN 2010 (a bit late, but better late then never xP)

>    TAYMUN 2010, it was great, although I was not in my usually committee, people asked me why I was out of place. I never knew how many people actually knew me, but it seemed there were quite a lot for some reason. Anyways, coming back to the topic, TAYMUN 2010. A very big, daring conference that had nearly hundreds of people in just a single committee. Nearly an hour for opening speeches, many suffered from boredom, and some even drifted off into a trance. The conference had many unique aspects to it. There were lots of choices for lunch, which pleased many delegates, since some conferences only let delegates eat catered food that had been provided by them, while the many choices, created less lines, and less waiting, which was less time consuming. Furthermore, the conference had a guest speakers talk, in the opening ceremony and voluntary workshop after the 2nd day of the conference. Although the idea was not accomplished, I liked the idea of how they planned to have an ICJ, which originally made it very unique compared to the other local conferences. In the end, this conference had a 8 out of 10 on the Artyy-artyy scale, due to a somewhat chaotic conference. The conference was chaotic because delegates were not dismissed at the same times, but differently per committee, which made it a hassle to wait for the Secretary General to come to the committees one by one. Also, the date was another problem, as it ranged from Saturday to Monday, which created issues for people that had school that week, as Fridays were easier to skip, while Mondays are a very important day. However, I kind of look forward to the next TAYMUN, as I believe it has potential to become one of the most unique conference in comparison to the other local conferences.

– Artyy


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