>What is MUN? And what are some tips? (Artyy style tips)

>    MUN is an abbreviation for Model United Nations. This group or activy allows one to stand on behalf of a country and represent it, as one would in the real United Nations. Based on being diplomatic, serious, and having knowledge on important issues. Research for MUN is all about newspaper articles. The easiest way to find out your country’s is reading numerous newspaper articles regarding the topic you were assigned in your committee. Also referring to previous resolutions actually passed in the UN is also very profitable as it will benefit you during when you write your resolution. However the only place to gain resolutions are the UN Security Council website.

    MUN is not only about debating, one must create documents to debate about. So I think that writing a resolution is the hardest part of all. It happens after research, and you must have a slight creativity as well as good research to support your back when writing preambs. Preambs are the first section of the resolution. It is a basic part of the resolution that deals with facts only. These preambs should be more than 3 and less than the amounts of operatives clauses that will be written. The preambs must follow strict procedures like the operative clauses. The first word is italicized. And the preamb is ended with a comma. As the whole resolution is on gigantic sentence. The operative clauses, are similar but the first word or phrase is underlined, and they are numbered. Furthermore, the clauses end with a semi-colon, unlike the preambs which end with a comma.

    Debating is a key point of MUN. This actually comes after the other hardest part of all, lobbying. [lobbying is the time when members of the comittee join around to merge resolutions and make on gigantic resoltuion] In debate, one must never give in to the opposition speaker, unless you have made a mistake in reseach. If you have, remain calm, act professional and give a breif apology and don’t crumble down or show too much that you are a first timer or not very familiar with MUN.

    I hope you may venture on and be MUN-ers and if you already are, I hope you have learned a bit from it.

– Artyy


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