>Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Which Browser Should I Choose?

>    Browsers, there are so many to choose from, yet only a few work well. Some of theme include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. In my opinion, (and I’ll make this short since this isn’t the main theme of the article) Internet Explorer is like a dying star. Its been too old, and Microsoft hasn’t updated it very much, which resulted in Explorer to become slower in the race of the browsers. Safari, created by Apple, its liked by many and also used by many, since it comes preinstalled on Macintosh computers (which are the best, I’ll talk more about it in another post). Its fast, sleek and its not too complex. Firefox, its like by more people compared to safari, since its customizable, and it has many features that can be added, also I predict it will become better since the Firefox 4 beta has many new features such as Tab Panaroma, which is a feature that should excite many people. Last of all, Chrome. Its sleek, fast, customizable, lightweight, and its proven to be the best of the browsers. (Ok, maybe it wasn’t too short) Anyway, you maybe wondering, if browsers aren’t the main theme of the article, what is it? Well, you are wrong. Browsers are the main theme, but its the browsers you, the readers of ArtyyShire use when browsing the realm of Artyy!

    Ok, I was looking through my statistics and I found some unusual things. First of all there were viewers from many nations, which were: Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, South Korea, US, and Canada. Its interesting, because I’ve only hit 200 hits, quite recently, yet I have a very unique set of viewers that are reading my blog. Secondly, I figured out that most of you readers are using Google Chrome. So here are the actual stats I got from the blog:

Pageviews by Browsers
140 (56%)
32 (12%)
Internet Explorer
30 (12%)
25 (10%)
Jakarta Commons-HttpClient
7 (2%)
6 (2%)
6 (2%)
3 (1%)

    Ok, its very unusual, since I’ve never heard of some of these browsers, such as Jakarta Commons-HttpClient or OneRiot. However, the major point is that Chrome users take up more than half of the views, while Safari and Internet Explorer are tied at second with 12% of the views each. 56% and 12%. Thats a very big difference! And fourth is Firefox, which was a bit disappointing, as I’ve met more people that liked Firefox compared to Safari and Internet Explorer combined. Anyway, if YOU’d like to talk more about browsers, put it up on the Chatbox -> or post it as a comment! Well see you later folks!

P.S. Lets not forget our most recent viewer, who is from Australia!

– Artyy


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