>Update on ArtyyShire | ArtyyHeaven | ArtyyFree9m

>    For all you viewers / readers who started reading this blog since I started it, which is a few months ago in July, I’d just like to remind you that I created another blog (on wordpress) that hosts MUN resos, for reference [yes, for reference, not for plagiarizing (they have all been ©Artyy)]. Anyway, previously if you read the side bar it said that it was password protected. But fear no longer readers, I have unlocked the site and made it PUBLIC! Now the reso respo is open to the viewing public! It only has a limited number of resolutions, but I will be uploading more as time goes by, and people are allowed to submit it to me. (my email is on the resorespo | resohaven).

    So that was the update on the ResoRespo | ResoHaven which ever one you prefer. Anyway, this part of the post is about the new replacement widgets on the side bar. If you haven’t noticed before, now is your chance to take a look -> I have a new chat box, due to some technical difficulties, I had to change the widget. And I have a site tracker which even shows you where the people that are looking at the blog is from!

    Last but not least, you can expect another tech article and something else regarding my blog statistics!

– Artyy ^^


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