>Battle of the Platforms!

>    The last post, was about the best browser. So this post is of a similar theme. This one is about the big fight. Which platform is the best? Is it Macintosh by Apple? Is it Windows by Microsoft? Or is it the open source Linux? To be fair, I’ll take out Linux (sorry people who are viewing this site on a Linux platform) since I’ve NEVER used it before. Now, back to the point, Macintosh. Whats so good about Macs that people love to use them? Well first of all it seems user friendly, it has a very sleek look to it, in the terms of the location of the dock. Although there is a myth about how macs don’t have viruses, thats a lie. Yes folks, that is a LIE! Macs do have viruses, just not as many as the Windows platform. Most mac users live fine without virus protection (if you have faced a mac virus incident, please enlighten all readers by posting it in the comments or the chatbox).

    So whats good or bad about Windows? The new operating system (Windows 7) seems like an exact copy of a Mac OS, as it has the same sheek-ness, compared to what Windows had before on their Windows XP. However, the good things are that Windows has more applications (games especially). Yet the bad thing is that it is VULNERABLE to virus attacks, unless one has a virus scanner.

    Now, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with you. I have a chart ready for you again, like the previous article about browsers:

Pageviews by Operating Systems

163 (50%)
136 (41%)
16 (4%)
4 (1%)
Other Unix
3 (<1%)
1 (<1%)
1 (<1%)

    Well, there you have it, most of the viewers use Windows, while Macs are second, and not many Linux viewers, as there are more people who have seen it over the iPod. Thats all FOLKS!

– Artyy ^^


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