>Blogs! Blogs! Blogs! What to do and NOT to do.

>    Ok. People around me have like created tons of blogs, its getting a bit annoying (hi! sorry for the late intro, i wanna get this over quick, I am kind of sleepy). Especially since they don’t know what not to post and what to post. Ok, most of the blogs (I’m not referring to any specific one) are bland, a few widgets here and there, some flash animation for some people… (I’m not saying its bad, since mines not that good either). So visually its alright, unless you have like a “formspring.me” like background, with repeating photos of some random pop art figure (you know who you are, if your reading this…). But, their interior is the thing I’m talking about.

    If you have been reading my blog, i don’t actually talk about my inner self (as in my personal info), I don’t want people to discriminate or have any sudden decisions, so i don’t actually post it. Its also because I want to keep some info ‘personal’ as in secretive, and also since I’m too lazy to write my life story (and no, I am not trying to copy ‘The Catcher in the Rye’). It also adds on to the reason of Internet safety and stuff. So here is the list:

What NOT to post:

  • Photos of yourself, especially LABELLED pictures, that might also give off personal information of other people, like your friends
  • Your birthday
  • Where you live
  • What school you go to
  • Real name
What you CAN post:
  • Anything thats not in the first section… duh!
    So, people might think I’m paranoid, but I’ll be having the final laugh after they’ve been like influenced by who-ever-knows-what that lurks in the cyber world (a.k.a sexual predators, hackers, etc.). For all those newly starting bloggers, hope I have directed you to the correct path.

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