>Flickr. My photos.

>    Hi, again, if you’ve been reading my blog before, you’ll DEFINITELY know that I usually post many articles / blog posts, at one time, and that’s exactly what I am doing right now. Now to the main point! [I really love digressing ya know, that’s what these parenthesis are for.. mwhahaha!] Flickr! Its so useful! Especially since I love photography, but not like people photography, but more on the levels of scenery and inanimate objects, since I don’t need to be pleasing anyone, but myself when taking the photos.

    I’m not a professional photographer, like some people I know. I don’t have that huge camera, its just me and my phone, plus a bit of quick editing, and VOILA! If you want to check out my works on flickr, they are on the side bar. Its called inspiration, a bit ‘cheesy’ title in a sense. I like over exaggerating stuff so they sound grand, so if you pay attention to my titles for the individual photos, you might laugh, or you might feel touched of how grand I make a picture sound 🙂

    Hope you visit Flickr and check it out there, or you can just start clicking on the Flickr slideshow widget on the right side. Both are great, and I hope you blog-readers, lets call you Artians [you know I love the cheesy effects :)] take an interest in unprofessional photography, cuz the only thing you need is the passion, for you to do anything, to enjoy. I’d give you the example for MUN, the thing that drives me to be so deep in MUN? Its the passion. I find the joy in it and I enjoy it to the fullest. MUN is my life, and I hope it always will be [wow! how’d I digress from photography in Flickr to MUn already???]

    Have a good morning, afternoon, or night. Where every you are reading this from, because I know I have a lot of viewers from many different continents. America, Europe, Asia and even Africa.

– Artyy


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