>Hello to new ArtyyShire tourists!

>Hi, its morning again, I’m wide awake, and I was looking through my stats and found some other interesting things (no its not another pie chart). Its the list of where in the world, people are looking at my blog!

Malaysia, US, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, UK, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Moldavia, South Korea.

    THe list is from the greatest to the least (at least until Australia). I look at the stats often (cuz I am so ever curious about where people are viewing my realm of Artyy-arty-ness) and over the past few weeks, a couple of new countries have been added to the list. they are: Slovenia, Moldavia (?), Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Ireland! I hope viewers from those countries have had a good time browsing through my blog, and that you will continue to look at it and even PROMOTE it!!!

– Artyy


2 responses to “>Hello to new ArtyyShire tourists!

  1. >WHOAAAAA loads of places! :O NOICE GOING! :Dgreat job!YESH PROMOTE ARTYSHIRE (even though i hav no idea what it is about 😉

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