>Steve has Come Back With, Another Apple Product!

>    Its a bit late, yes I know, but here is what I think of the products that Steve Jobs talked about in his keynote speech on the last weeks of October:

    Just for those people that didn’t watch that 1:30 hour keynote speech (sadly I did, so I could see how Steve hits home with all of his products because of his keynote) I’ll give you a briefing of what happened. Steve Jobs released a couple of new products which included iLife ’11, Facetime for Macs, a Macbook App Store, and the new Macbook Air. He also gave a sneak preview on a work in progress, the Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7). He gave individual demos for most of the products. I will only talk about the products is about to release (I’ll have an individual article for Lion)

    Lets start in order. The new iLife, only three of the five applications in it (which are: iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, iDVD, and iWeb) were given a sneak preview of. Although I was previously not a big fan of iPhoto (actually I HATED it, because of its weird interface, and annoying pop-up-ness, but bare in mind that mine is an iLife ‘ 08), the new version has stricken me as GREAT. A single word, but it expresses the feeling I have for the new iLife’s iPhoto. The application is now able to view in full screen mode, it is even easier to upload photos from iPhoto, directly to social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. You can also see what people commented on your photo, directly from iPhoto! Another great thing is the awesome new slideshow mode, which seems way better than previous slideshow modes, as they incorporate many aspects of iPhoto, such as the place pin (this specifically directs the slideshow mode that uses a map as a background and shows you where you took the photo, even while looking at the photos themselves). There are other more neat features of iPhoto, but these were some of the things that really got me hyped up for the new iLife ‘ 11. (If you haven’t noticed, I am a Mac fan, and use a Mac too)

    I’ll finish with iLife after this paragraph, since there is ALOT to cover (don’t fret, this’ll be short). iMove, has been upgraded, as you can create your own movie trailers, edit audio inside the app. All features are simple and sweet, which helps users that are not professionals in audio editing, or movie making.

    Now, on with Facetime for Macs! (If you don’t know what Facetime is, its the ability of the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G that allows you to video call over wifi) Although Facetime is still in its Beta version for Macs, it is a neat feature for people that don’t have iPhone 4’s or iPod touch 4G’s to video chat over wifi from a Mac! I have personally used the app, its still a bit laggy (this might have something to do with my poor internet connectivity, but oh well). However if we give time for it to improve, I am DEFINITELY sure that the application will run smoother!

    The Mac App Store, (if you do not have an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch: the App Store is the store that is built in to those devices and your iTunes store, and this is the place people get those thousands of different kinds of apps) is a new touch that will be featuring in the new Mac OS X Lion, however for the Mac users’ delight, Steve has stated that the store will be launching within 90 days! No longer do we need to get CDs! All we need is an App Store!

    The Macbook Air, is a brilliant device (in theory of course). But what happens when the Macbook Air is applied in real life situations? Well, display problems arise, regarding color, flickering screens, fading screens, and weird horizontal lines. Apple’s stance on the issue? Unlike the iPhone 4’s antennae gate issue, Apple has stated that they are aware of the problem and is working on a solution. For those people that are thinking of getting one, I’d suggest waiting for the “solution” (which is probably an update) before buying it.

    For the Macworld, many good things have appeared, but the sharks that always criticize Apple has just been fed and will DEFINITELY attack soon. Like I said before regarding the iPhone 4: 

‘It is hard enough to make something a few people like, but it is near to impossible to make something a large amount of people like. Whilst it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone, and have no flaws in a product.’ – Artyy-arty

– Artyy


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