>The Lion Roars for the Macs!

>    Yes, I’m back again (after a few minutes) to write the Mac OS X Lion! First of all, yes I do like cheesy titles and thats what I’m going for for this one. But thats not the point. A few weeks ago in October, Steve Jobs gave a sneak preview of the new Mac OS X Lion that will be released in the summer of 2011 (its a dreadfully long wait, but I think it will be worth it).

    Due to the fact that Lion is still a work in progress, only a few of the great new features had been shown by the Vice President of the OS X Lion for Apple Inc. (surprising isn’t it? Steve usually did all of this, but for some reason he gave his job of giving examples to individual people…) Anyway, the few features he showed the audience was the new Macbook App Store (refer to the previous article for more info on that), Mission Control, and Launchpad. Mission Control, sounds very useful doesn’t it? It is! Most people either use expose, spaces, and other brilliant feature that the Macbooks and iMacs brings. But what does that have to do with Mission Control? EVERYTHING! Mission Control is the combination of all the window arranging features of the Mac combined into one, for viewing pleasure and easy accessibility, rather than searching for different function keys every time you need a different feature! I normally use spaces, and its very effective  and useful, but I do get lost when I need to use other things such as expose, I try nearly all the function keys. But with Mission Control, everything will be better.

    Launchpad. Ever seen an iPad/iPhone/or iPod touch? If you have, then you’d remember all those pages with apps arranged in every single one of them, and folders (only for iOS 4). This is EXACTLY what the Launchpad is! Its a Mac homescreen page, that will feature all the apps that you downloaded from the Mac App Store! Its brilliant! It combines both the powerful features of a Mac, and the comfortable usage functions of a iPad/iPhone/or iPod touch!

    Lastly, the Mac OS X Lion, is something that Steve Jobs called the best of the iPad and the best of the Mac. Why? Because of its functions, but there is more! It combines the beauty of the iPad/etc. in a different sense. It incorporates the touch effects needed for the iPad/etc. as it takes FULL advantage of it and mixed that with the Magic Mouse and the External Trackpad. So now, you can use actually flick through your Launchpad (future Launchpad to be exact) with a swipe of your fingers! Its just like having a big screen iPad/etc!

– Artyy


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