>iPhone vs Blackberry vs Android phones

>    Just a heads up. This is NOT gonna be a long post. It’s gonna be short, simple, sweet, and straight to the point. (Look at last paragraph for my REAL point)

  • iPhone: Its good. Revolves more around applications, good touch screen. Its really useful for those people that like to use apps, listen to music. More on the side of social use.
  • Blackberry: Its good. Revolves more around business people, as it has seems more based on mail viewing and other professional work.
  • Android: No comment. Didn’t see one. Don’t have one. Never felt one (you might refer to it as being sad, but I actually DO NOT CARE).

    They are all good (yes Androids are good, but I am still not entitled to write anything about its uses and its main target audience). They are all phones. They are all smart phones. They all have apps. They are good in one specific criteria. One the idea of which is better. They are all the same level, as they CANNOT be compared. Its is like comparing an apple with a artichoke. Which is better? You can always say apple because its sweeter. Or an artichoke for its nutritiousness. You can’t compare it, since ones a fruit, and the other is a vegetable. What I am trying to say it…

DO NOT COMPARE THE EACH OTHER, as they are things that are NOT supposed to be compared! 

– Artyy


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