>Lets Stop Smoking!

>    I was coming back from doing a bit of sports, and there on the roadside in the bushes is a FIRE! Yes a FIRE! Its quite hot nowadays, but I’m sure its not hot enough to make something under the shade burn. My guess is, its probably a cigarette butt. So here is my MAIN reason for this post. Cigarettes, and smoking.

    Smoking. Its bad for those around you, its bad for your health, and its bad if you misuse the powers of the cigarette butt (meaning the ability of burning things accidentally with the cigarette butt). So lets talk about why smoking is bad for people around you. First of all, second-hand smoke can lead to lung cancer and other dangerous diseases. So smoking doesn’t only kill yourself, but other loved ones around you. Also, its bad for your health, as cigarettes have these nicoteen, that is highly addictive as it plants nicoteen sensors on your brains (not sure of the correct medical term). Thats not all. From the large amount of intake of smoke, you may suffer from mouth cancer, lung cancer, and other diseases. But, if you still can’t stop due to whatever reason, lets please think about where you are throwing away that cigarette butt. One wrong decision, and you could set a house of fire, or even a forest. Its lucky that no big accident happened with the flame I saw.

    Ok, so I’ve been talking about DO NOT SMOKE. I’d LOVE to give information and advice on how to stop smoking, but that is something I do not know too much about. But I do believe that some sources say that instead of smoking, you can use nicoteen patches, and slowly decrease the number of times you use the patches. Withdrawl symptoms from not smoking may arise, but FIGHT IT! And you will, be able to stop smoking (not 100% guranteed).

    That was Artyy on ‘Lets Stop Smoking!’ Hope you smokers try to stop smoking!

– Artyy


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