>Nuclear Weapons.


    Before I start to go all politician about the topic for this post, ‘Nuclear Weapons’, I’ll give you a heads up. If you haven’t read my previous posts, I am what you call a MUN addict (MUN? what is it? click here). My favorite committee? Disarmament (that’s where you debate about weapon related topics). Favorite topic? Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons, in Iran, DPRK (that’s North Korea). So from here onwards is the point of no return for readers (cuz readers will be drenched on my PERSONAL thoughts on nuclear weapons). By the way, the thing might sound more-or-less like a speech, cuz I am a debater after all.
    Nuclear weapons. What are they? They are Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that kill, not only those that come in contact with the initial blast, but also the radiation that is spread. It was first used in the 1940s during World War II, when the Japanese failed to surrender to the US with unconditional surrender. As the Allied Powers did not accept any conditional surrenders the weapon was used to ‘persuade’ them. The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) stated that only the five nations: Russia, US, China, France, UK were officially allowed to have WMDs. Of course, this is the problem with North Korea, Pakistan, India, Iran, and other nations. These nations are not part of the five official states allowed to be in possession of WMDs. Why isn’t the original five letting the other nations obtain WMDs?
    Well, for North Korea, they are enemies. After WWII, another war arose in the Korean Peninsula. It was called the 6.25 war or the Korean War. The peninsula was split into two and it became a China, Russia (?), North Korea vs. US, South Korea war. No official treaty has been signed, and the war is still going on. If the North Koreans have WMDs, not only could they possibly win the Korean War, and put the world in devastation, it could also use Inter-Ballistic Missile Systems to launch these nuclear weapons at the US, and other strong nations. It will cause a turn over in the world’s super powers, and a communist nation, under the control of Kim-Jong Il may become one of the super powers.
    For Iran, why would they stop a ‘harmless’ non-dangerous nuclear programme? Well, its trust. Governments. They just can’t trust each other. One ALWAYS wants to be stronger than the other. And Iran is one of the OPEC (Oil and Petrol Exporting Country) and if they can enrich uranium themselves and get nuclear power, they can earn more money from the oil they can export, since they don’t use up a lot of the oil themselves. It affects the nations economically and military wise. As Iran’s nuclear programme is quite advanced, and nations are worried that they would create nuclear weapons.

    Of course, as a safety precaution, nations should not have nuclear weapons in the first place. And since the original five isn’t letting other nations have WMDs because of trust and safety reasons, we must review the trustworthiness of the original five. True, they are nations that first were in possession of nuclear weapons. But, if we review nations one by one, we must conclude that the US is not trust worthy enough to maintain the rank of having nuclear weapons. It is irresponsible, in terms of usage. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These events are humiliating, yet victorious moments in American history. After such military campaign using those devastating weapons, America should not be given the rights to hold the weapons. The other nations are a different issue, as they did not do anything yet, that threatens our human race.

    It is clear to say that nuclear weapons should not have been invented from the beginning. Though we cannot destroy all traces of nuclear weapons, their schematics, and their ideology. We must do the second best thing. Decrease the number of these weapons, globally, that a particular nation has more than another nation in terms of number of WMDs.


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