>Apple? Why the Wait for Tomorrow?


    Ok blog readers! Back to Artyy-arty’s tech section! Now I checked the Apple website today (cuz I am a mac person) and guess what I found on the site (check right side ->)

    An exciting announcement from iTunes?! What could it be?! If you are excited just as me here are a few guesses according to sources.

  • iTunes 10.1 (not 10.0.1 but 10.1) which indicates the release of the iOS 4.2
  • Airplay (which could be part of iTunes 10.1)
  • Beatles on iTunes
    Now, from here we understand its something to do with iTunes (since it clearly says from iTunes). My hopes are that the new mac app store is opening up. Although guesses are that it won’t be integrated into iTunes, but it is a possibility, as the app store is originally iTune’s. Regarding Beatles and Airplay, those feature (in my opinion) are minor updates and Apple probably wouldn’t have people on their toes waiting for tomorrow. Or, it could be that all these features will all be released with iTunes 10.1, which would be a MASSIVE release!
    Seeing the only way to know for sure is patience until tomorrow, let us wait! And possibly you may look forward to another post from me, Artyy-arty tomorrow, or late in the night!
    Update: Wall Street Journal said that Apple WILL be releasing the Beatles onto iTunes, however it is still in doubt weather the ‘wait’ is for the Beatles, or something better.

    Update #2: The clock has struck midnight and Apple has on their site a big picture of the Beatles. It seems Apple did go through all that for just the Beatles (sry Beatle fans, but the Beatles isn’t much big of a deal)

– Artyy

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