>Hiphip HOOZA!

>    Hey people of the blogging world! (and Robbie if you are reading this) this is my first post after a LONG time of not posting… Ok, here is a recap of what happened while I was gone. One I went to THIMUN Singapore (another post coming up about that), I am in the midst of preparing for exams (no, I am not writing a post about this one), and I’ve been catching up all the work I missed for THIMUN Singapore.

    Now, lets talks about the thing that will come up. So as you can see from the above paragraph(?) I will post a THIMUN Singapore post really soon. Also, it will be co-posted on another website which is actually a school newspaper (I’m wondering if I should like you to it or not…). Ok, and the BIGGEST PART of the post (also, the reason I wrote Hiphip HOOZA!) is that the number of viewers in total has gone UP!!!!

    Now, if you look to the right, you will see the site hit viewer… I have now passed the 1000 view maker, and I am very excited since it has only been around half a year and most of the time I wasn’t updating this or advertising. Now here is my thousand-view resolution (like a new-years resolution):

  • Work on Podcasts! (I was too busy to do so, also I need to work on another device, my computer is VERY LOW on capacity currently)
  • Have more posts (I currently have a few ideas drafted up ^^. some of ’em are politics, some are software reviews)
  • Put some iPhone/iPod/iPad app reviews
    Tune in soon… and ESPECIALLY after December 18th, since thats when my finals end!

Update: By the way, my formspring box is now up… I finally managed to find the problem, and tweaked my settings so that anyone, even those that aren’t logged on to formspring can ask me a question (but be aware, that I won’t answer any of those questions that I don’t wish to answer :P)

– Artyy

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