>THIMUN Singapore: A Step That Changes EVERYTHING

>    On November 23-27th, I was in Singapore, taking part in one of the BIGGEST MUN conferences in the world, THIMUN Singapore (I still don’t get why its called THIMUN even though its not in the Hague but Singapore). I represented Norway in the General Assembly 1, which talked about disarmament and other weapon and world security related topics. This conference, which was the biggest conference I have participated in so far, was something of unbelievable size. Not only was it organized, most of the people that were in it already knew the procedure of debate and made the whole debate process extremely smooth. The food was one of the best I had for any conference that PROVIDED food. Also, the topics were challenging, which seemed to show to all the delegates before the actual conference that it is a conference of a different level, compared to any other conference.

    On the Artyy-arty scale of MUN conferences, this conference CANNOT be rated. Not only is it a whole  new level in terms of debate, it was also another whole new level in terms of the size of the conference. With around eight committees with 100 people per committee and three other committees that were around 30 each, there was an estimate of 900 people in the whole conference without including the admin staff, chairs, deputy chairs, directors, advocates, judges, presidents, deputy secretary generals, and the secretary general. I look forward to the THIMUN Singapore next year, so I may actually take a step and try to main submit a resolution (this time I just tried to observe and get myself known :P)

– Artyy


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