>Spring(?) Cleaning in ArtyyShire

>    Ok, first of, my apologizes for not blogging a lot lately. I have been busy with lots of different stuff such as preparing for THIMUN-Singapore, going to THIMUN-Singapore, preparing for exams, having exams. But now since it is the holidays, I will be committed to actually posting more content on the blog.

    The first thing up is the photos that I have shared below by Tony Prower. Great photos, take a look at them if you have the time. Second thing, I will try to do a Top 10 app of the year review for the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. Another thing that you can look forward to is another Jailbreaking post because according to comex and musclenerd, another jailbreak is nearly ready and will be released before Christmas. Also, you can also look forward to me working on the podcast section again (not 100% guaranteed, I might destroy that tab because it takes up lots of space on the computer to make podcasts and my computer is running a bit low on space). Till here you might be wondering about how I only write about tech stuff, but fear no more me readers! I will come up with some other imaginative post and write it during Christmas. Who knows? Maybe there will be a gift for all of you waiting at ArtyyShire on Christmas eve or Christmas.

    Anyway, got to go sleep or something like that. By the way readers (if you are still reading till here I thank you sincerely) I will put up more photos on the blog for you to deeply wonder about. Maybe I should make that a project. Put one photo up on the blog per day for the whole winter break. A bit unrealistic, but hey, aren’t goals supposed to be big and broad? That was Artyy-arty signing off.

– Artyy


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