Sad Face :( for Podcasts Section

>    Although I haven’t ‘OFFICIALLY’ started anything for the podcasts section, I decided to close it down, due to the amount of work and stuff I have to do… I believe it is a creative idea, but it is just a bit hard for me currently… It might come back

    On brighter terms, I have set up a new project, which is “Project Photo Blog”. Ok, maybe you might have noticed but its not the most unique or catchy name… but I just made it up a second ago and I think thats a very good name for such a short period of time. Anyway, I will be posting around 5~8 photos a week (a day is too much) and it will be just random, yet beautiful photos. I hope you like it and look at my blog more because of it 😛 (we are a bit short on viewers btw)
– Artyy

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