2010 Apple iPhone Apps of the Year!

>    Ok, these are the top 10 apps of the year that are I actually tried or downloaded (I’m not exactly sure about the prices, they might differ)

  1. Infinity Blade ($5.99): A BRILLIANT, EXTRAORDINARY app. Released quite recently before the end of 2010. Its a bit repeatitive but amazing graphics and uses Unreal Engine 3 which was quite amazing. Simple controls a bit hard sometimes since its not just a hit and get hit game like old games (like Runescape, whoever heard of it). You have to actually feel the flow of the fight since you have to have an amazing sense of time when you dodge or parry the opponent’s blade. Numerous different items, hard boss at the end (in my opinion, you can debate on that if you want). Only downside, its a big file and if you live somewhere where it has SLOW internet, its probably going to be a LONG download. Also its a paid game.
  2. DoodleJump: ($0.99?): If you have used the iPhone/Pad/Touch for a while, and you don’t know DoodleJump, you may be a spy. DoodleJump is a simple move right to left game and you try to go as high as possible. It is also known as the paid version of PapiJump, but WAYY better. It is simply amazing.
  3. Angry Birds ($1.99?): Its a really simple game, just like destroy the tower or something like that. You fire birds with different capabilities at towers and try to hit the green pigs that stole your children (who are still eggs). The story line may be a bit childish, but it has many different chapters to the game, and even more episodes. Simple to learn, easy to play. Fit for all ages. However, has a limit to the number of stages, but developers say that they will release new stages.
  4. Gun Range (FREE): Its not a very action packed game, but it incorporates the gyroscope in the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4. You are a shooter and you are shooting figures. Thats pretty much it, but its quite fun, since you can buy different type of weapons.
  5. Evernote (FREE): An app that allows you to create new posts and put it onto an online storage thingy. Good for keeping information that you wish to have with you. Also, they have a desktop application, which you can use side-by-side with this app.
  6. SoundHound ($1.99?): Ever wanted to know what that song is, but don’t know the title? SoundHound scans that music and tells you the name of that song. Its like Shazam, but its more effective. It can also recognize songs even if you hum them.
  7. XE Currency (FREE): Its a currency rate app, and its quite useful sometimes. Its complex, yet simple to use. I prefer this app, compared to other currency apps.
  8. CountriesLE (FREE): An offline app that holds information about indivisual countries. Information are from Wikipedia, CIA factbook, and etc. Also has sub-categories in the app, where it is divided up into country facts, country flags, etc. Good to have if you frequently use CIA factbook (good for MUN-ers)
  9. Speed Test (FREE): Ever wondered how SLOW your wifi is? Speed Test is the app version of speedtest.net. It tests your ping speed, upload, and download speed. Suites those who are HIGHLY curious about their wifi speed.
  10. iLights (FREE): Only useful for iPhone 4 users, but still something I use A LOT! It uses the flash on the iPhone 4 and keeps it on, making it a flash light.
    Now, thats the end of ArtyyShire’s 2010 Apple iPhone Apps of the Year! You can post comments below if you think that something is out of place. And I’m also looking for more apps (mostly games) that are free or cheap, but very good!
– Artyy

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