He Knows If You’ve Been Bad or Good! CHRISTMAS! Around the CORNER!

>    OK, this post is done on December 23th. A normal day? Yes, kind of… but now, that’s not the point. Christmas is JUST AROUND THE CORNER (and by corner I actually mean a day or two depending on which Christmas your talking about)! So anyway, sorry for not posting more from my last post till now. I was away in Singapore! (You can check my blog in a few days and it’ll explain more on that)

    Christmas: Santa. Snow. Lovers. Presents. The Christmas Decor. OK, so these are the words that usually pops up on some one’s mind when you say ‘CHRISTMAS!’ But where I am, there is no snow or Christmas decor. Also, Santa? I haven’t seen him in a while. Presents? I’m not sure about that but I am doubting that. Lovers? Been single my whole life (which isn’t that long but still!), and I don’t fit in that category either. And additionally (yes, I need to start using proper language since I need to work on my writing skillz) this year, Christmas just isn’t Christmas for me. Not sure why. Maybe since its too hot? Or it might be because I’m not in the Christmas spirit? I’m not sure. But here’s the thing. To those people that actually get a decent Christmas. CELEBRATE IT WELL! Since I’m not, there should be no reason for others to ruin their __th/st/rd Christmas.

    Lastly, just wanna say, MERRY CHRISTMAS! (I might put a blog post up on Christmas Eve, but who knows? I might not)

– Artyy


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