iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Status

>    Ok, so dissapointingly, Comex had not been able to meet his before Christmas deadline with HIS untethered jailbreak. However, as one cannot always only rely on one person, the Dev-Team has come up with THEIR untethered jailbreak. It is called ‘redsn0w’ and is already in the beta testing process.

    Comex’s jailbreak was supposed to be out before Christmas as stated above, but should we continue to wait for Comex or should we just settle in for the jailbreak released by the Dev-Team? Well, before we jump to any conclusions, lets get the facts straight. What does Comex’s jailbreak do and what does the Dev-Team’s not do. Ok, so supposedly Comex has a simple one-touch jailbreak, while ‘redsn0w’ requires your SSH blob for iOS 4.2 Beta 3. Also currently, ‘redsn0w’ is only available as a Beta for Mac users that have an current model of the iDevice (iPhone 4, iPodTouch 4, iPad) that is not ‘ultrasn0w’ unlocked (meaning that they hacked their iPhones to be able to use another carrier). Another bad think about ‘redsn0w’ is that it disables the iPod App, as well as the Bluetooth function.

    Ok, so basically, ‘redsn0w’ is not very useful as of this moment, but neither is Comex’s unreleased jailbreak. So in conclusion, we should wait. Not sure which one will be released first, Comex’s final jailbreak or the Dev-Team’s perfected ‘redsn0w’. But which ever it is, I, Artyy-arty will break it to you soon. So keep on reading!

– Artyy


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