Early New Year’s Greetings! PLUS Christmas Post!

>    Ok, so this is a dual post, since I guessed both posts will be short, why not combine em? So this part of the post is on Christmas!

    As expected, Christmas passed by boringly. Worst of all, it was raining. More specifically it was a thunderstorm. No presents, and nothing special. Truely, one of the worst Christmases so far. Usually, people are all hyped up for Christmas, but it seems that people (meaning other people, not including me) also felt that Christmas was boring this year. I wonder why… Could it be because all of the bad things that happened this year? Or could it be because of the weird weather we are having? Who knows? (you can also post YOUR terrible Christmas, if you also had one, to the comment box, or you could always just tell me the reason why it was sooooo horrible…)

    So in a couple of days, it will be New Year’s Eve. Once again, the year has ended, and it is time to start new things, and try new things. So here is the ArtyyShire New Year’s resolution! (my goals for 2011 as the ruler of ArtyyShire… mwhaahahaha!)

  1. Make my blog more known
  2. Achieve my goal of making ArtyyShire a blog that people can read for both entertainment, news, and stances on global issues (sortof)
  3. Help my friend finish HIS blog
  4. Be more creative in the posts I make for ArtyyShire
    Basically thats all the goals I have… (for now) but I shall continue and try to add additional features to the blog all of you just love! šŸ™‚
– Artyy

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