Mac App Store Status

>    As I promised earlier, here is my follow up article to the previous post (well sort of at least). I haven’t been checking that much on the Mac App Store, but I have found the release date of the Mac App Store. It is January 6th, 2011. Just around 9~10 days left for the App Store that ‘supposedly’ sells the iLife ’11 applications in an unbundled form (meaning you can purchase Garageband only, instead of buying the full bundle which includes: Garageband, iPhoto, iWeb, etc.).

    So I will give my promise now. As soon as the App Store is online, and I have tested it out, and downloaded a few things, I will post a Mac App Store review, to tell you readers if you should bother using the App Store, OR just do it the old fashioned way and walk to your Apple retail shop and buy those programs in CD format.

– Artyy

Update #1: So I’m downloading the new Mac OS X software update that holds the Mac App Store feature. Just another 30 minutes or so. Then another few hours till I browse through and download some apps. So possibly the new post on the Mac App Store will be up around… tomorrow?


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