New Year’s Eve

>    Hello again… Its still New Year’s Eve here where I am, and there’s still a couple of hours before the Year of 2011 starts. I was looking back at the year and I was thinking… There are soooo many people I’d like to thank for making this a great year… So here’s the list (it was originally long, but I’ve kind of ‘compressed it all :P)

  • THIMUN Singapore people: YOU ROCK!
  • Family
  • Other MUN People: JJ (not sure if he’ll read this), Yau
  • Friends: That includes.. hm… let me think.. Peak (for all the drug boy moments), Ky (for making a ‘unique’ year), Suh (for becoming a ‘victim’ of my jokes), and Hide, John, Ajay (for being.. well them.. πŸ˜› I joke)
  • Other friends: Like yh, Adrian.L

    So thats my end of the year ‘speech?’ or should I just say post??? I’ll probably say hello to you all in a while… like after New Year’s about a follow up article, on jailbreaking. LOOK FORWARD TO IT! πŸ˜›

– Artyy


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