A Border-less World.

>    So hey people of the cyber world! I’m back! (later than I expected) But, I was facing writer block(?) issues AND I was travelling (though I did always have internet connectivity but psshh). Anyway. So during my trip I had tons of spare time so I was thinking (yes I was thinking..) about our world. The world we live in, it has loads of problem, and we constantly try to solve it.

    We always talk about a peaceful world in the future. The optimists would say that its possible while the pessimist will say it is impossible based on the greed of the humans and that its just natural for us to do such things because it was how we were created. But here is a question that would make both groups think differently. What is a the ideal future world? Specifically? A world without fighting or robbery? But thats just how we behave. How about politically? What about the economy? What about the way the people behave? With specifics, it could lead to a hole list that could go on forever. So I thought of a simple way (in my way this a sort-of peaceful future world).  A world. Without. Borders.

    So a world without borders? What doest that mean? Does it mean a world with unlimited possibilities? Or have I just lost it? Its a simple yet complicated idea. Basically a world without borders is a world with only one nation. No more 192+ nations. Just one nation called _____ (enter name) with one superior government with many regional sub-governments that work for the superior government. Of course once you look at the idea the most likely reaction will be: ‘hes lost it’, ‘impossible’, ‘never gonna happen’. However here is the second part to that idea. Will a world without borders be possible? Ever?

    Here is the second part. Ever? No time limit. As nothing is good rushed. And its just is this idea possible if we give them until our civilization perishes (if it will at least)? A thousand + years laters could be it for what I care. So have your say now! Chat box or comment box. Which ever one works for you! That was Artyy with another crazy idea!

– Artyy


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