Mac App Store! (dun-dunh-dun)


    Finally I have finished browsing through the Mac App Store, and I’m currently downloading an application as I type. Here is what I would say about this online App Store. Here are the steps you must perform to get that Mac App Store:

  1. Update to Mac OS X 10.6.6
  2. Restart
  3. Login
  4. Look for the App Store icon next to the Finder Icon (Simple isn’t it? ^^)

    So, I believe that Apple was truley in a hurry. The idea was excellent, and so was their presentation, but the product itself is not of a satisfactory level. First off, there are not enough apps in the store. Secondly, most of the files are not compressed and are HUGE (around 1GB +) so it is a pain when downloading while you have slow internet such as mine (its less than 1 mbs). Thirdly, there isn’t a easy way of deleting the apps, so you have to go to spotlight search and search the app (which should be in your application folder) and drag it to the trash (couldn’t they have made it so that you can delete it from the finder itself? or from the app store?). There are TOO many expensive apps and the decent apps are around $29.99 (US dollars)

    That was the bad part. The good part? I believe that if we give it some time it ‘could’ develop into something big. And I believe that I should do ANOTHER follow up post when there are more apps in the store (maybe around in 5 months time??).

    That was Artyy-arty with the second post of tonight! Good night and sweet dreams everyone!

– Artyy


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