Just an Average Post

>    Hello people of the world! I’m back after around a week of NOT blogging. I was busy the past few days because school just started and grades started to come out a few days before. Enough of myself, this post will have a number of different components, so KEEP READING!!!

    The first component will be based, on me (although I did say ‘enough of myself’). So in a few days I will be participating in the one conference I had dreamed about since when I first started MUN. It shalt be called, THIMUN! So look forward to what I have to say after THIMUN! šŸ˜›

    The second, will be on the status of the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak that’s being made for the 4th gen iDevices. So, Comex is still working on his jailbreak and supposedly waiting for the release of the iOS 4.2.5 or iOS 4.2. However it seems the ‘Race to Untethering’ has started (see? I’m making catchy spin-offs of movies like ‘Race to Witch Mountain’). GeoHot is supposedly ready to release the jailbreak, and so is the creator of GreenPois0n. GeoHot’s jailbreak is thought to be called Rubyra1n as GeoHot has already registered this domain.

    I originally had around three components, but… I forgot my third one, so I’ll have to end it here. Well, time to go back to randomly surfing the web!

– Artyy


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