A Post Filled with Random-ness

>    Ok, first of all the title, can be ignored. Its not entirely true, but its not a lie either. I didn’t know what I should name this so I just picked a title that sort of suits what I’m going to say. So today (as any other day) I was checking my site. Although its on a downfall, its alrite! Cuz I, the ruler of ArtyyShire pledge to make this site have MORE VIEWS! Not sure how, but I think I can manage :).

    As I was browsing through my Stats tab I found that instead of having large number of viewers, I have a large number of nations viewing my blog. I hope that you people reading this will actually like it and keep on reading it. On one occasion, it seems that someone used google translate to read my blog. I hope he / she enjoyed it or found what she was looking for.

    So I’m looking for helpers (sry no wages or payment) because I seriously want to continue this blog, but there are a few things that I am lacking.

  1. IM OUT OF IDEAS!!!! PLEASE DONATE IDEAS! Or tell me what you want me to write about. -> comment box please!!!
  2. NOT ENOUGH ADVERTISEMENT!!! As a normal person that just blogs for fun, I do not have the resources to pay to have an ad for my blog, so if anyone can either help me advertise or tell me how to advertise, I would ❤ it!! (ignore the weird emot. as I said, this is truly a post filled with random-ness)
  3. Criticism! For something to become better, a person needs to know how it is bad so it can IMPROVE! I am open to criticism, so don’t mind. Um.. also in the -> comment box
  4. Followers maybe? So you can always visit my blog when I post something?
    Ok, from the above list you know what you can do to HELP ME! Also, this DOES NOT indicate that I am shutting my blog down. I’m just saying that it would really give me encouragement to further blog! That was King Artyy decreeing that you, the citizens of ArtyyShire must perform the quests mentioned above! NOW GO! (yeah, I’m cheesy. Not embarrassed, and I think that’s the beauty of ArtyyShire, it is filled with cheese! -iness)
– Artyy

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