>    Reading the title, you might think this is some boring story of how I am popular or wish to be popular or how popular people are bad right? WRONG!!!!!!! This is about the popularity on the WEB!!! My guess is that you will be thinking, ‘why should I listen to this guy when his blog isn’t that popular anyway?’ Well if I was correct, here is my answer. I HAVE NO IDEA! But, this is my thoughts on the popularity on the INTERNET!! dun-dun-dunhhhhh!

    Although this blog is not as popular as a website I ‘managed’ or was an author of before (due to policy I am sorry, but I cannot tell you the website… T_T), this is a story of THAT website. So I had a website (not mine) that I wrote articles for for a year and a half. So it wasn’t THAT popular, but it was alrite. It hit around 40 thousand views (in the two years). Well it increased towards the last few months. It went around 2,000 in around a month. It was GREAT. But I left it (not saying that I was the MOST important person there), but so did other people (btw, the second year there were only six people on the blog team, while it was originally around 12 the year before). I was good at writing articles, and these were interview included articles (it was a small newspaper you could say). Around twice the amount that the others wrote (NOT saying I’m the best). And another person that wrote a lot left. This year, the people that took over had around 20+ views at the same time. IT WAS AMAZING! However. That was for the first 5 months or so?? After that the views dropped. The speed slowed down. They couldn’t meet the standard of the viewers.

    Why? They needed have more articles, but I rarely saw new ones. And I couldn’t see much advertising either (this is not an insult btw to the ppl still there). So my main point is that it doesn’t matter if you are popular. What you need to worry about is keeping that popularity. Because popularity, like wealth doesn’t last for ever, and its harder to maintain than earning it. Always be prepared, and don’t take things for granted.

    On a lighter note, PLEASE ADVERTISE FOR ME!!!!!

– Artyy


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