>    Hey people of the … blog-o-sphere??? that sounds like a rip off from somewhere else, but I’m not entirely sure where… Anyway, as you can see my title is ‘Apology’. No, I am not going to quit blogging, but I am stopping it ‘officially’ for a while.

    Due to the OVER-WHELMING amounts of work I have to catch up because of SOOO many MUN conferences I went to, I will stop blogging for, maybe around 2 weeks (?), and I will try to return after the two weeks. I hope you understand, and tune in 2 weeks later for a post on THIMUN, MY-MUNOFS II, KLMUN, as well as other things, possibly the release of the Macbook Pro, and a review of GreenPois0n Jailbreak tool (which I have actually tested).


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