After Effects of Japan Earthquake


    Ok, so if you have been paying attention to the news the past few days, you would know about the issue in Japan, if not, here is the basic summary: Starting from Wednesday a 7. something earthquake hit, there weren’t any damages caused. The meteorologists, did not know until today that that earthquake was not the main-shock, but the pre-shock. The main-shock came today, March 11th, and 30+ aftershocks followed. The main-shock was a 8.8 or 8.9 earthquake, which resulted in a tsunami to occur. As the tsunami occurred, the Japanese citizens started a voluntary evacuation. Currently around 1, 000 + people are missing. The tsunami warnings are up for all the nations that border the pacific ocean / plate (?) including: USA (California), Philippines, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea. Tsunami like waves behaving in strange patterns have already hit Hawaii and California is expected to be hit soon, however they are not sure how big the wave will be and how strong it will be.

Keep reading for more information… (probably…)


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