Japanese Nuclear Crisis

>    Hello members of the cyber-space! I am back! Yes. I apologize once again, however I was busy with a VERY important English project. Well, I still need to continue but, I have made some time to revisit my blog! HURRAY! Anyway, the topic of the day is: JAPANESE NUCLEAR CRISIS.

    Japan. A beautiful country, rich with culture and manners. A few weeks ago, this ‘wonderful’ country was devastated by the forces of nature. An earthquake and a tsunami knocked on this peaceful country, and it caused thousands of deaths. Tens and thousands of people still remain missing. Up till this point, I still believed that Japan would recover in around 4 years, with a stronger economy than before. However, a nuclear crisis was then indirectly ‘triggered’ by the double natural disasters. Currently my educated guess on when Japan will recover lies at around 7 years, due to the extents that the nuclear crisis has progressed to.

  Due to the earthquake, a tsunami occurred and that hit Japan. The tsunami then took out the electricity of numerous cities in Japan, including the Fukushima prefecture, where a Tokyo Electric Power Company nuclear reactor was situated. This Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant survived pre-shocks, the main shock (9.0 magnitude earthquake), and a tsunami (which traveled at a speed of 700 kmph). However, when the electricity was cut off, the cooling system for the nuclear plant failed and so did the two backup cooling systems. This in turn has led to the reactor to heat up to a very hot degree, which then led to the melting of some structural component of the reactor. Some aspects of the reactor melted and thus released radioactive material to the atmosphere. Also, the water that the Japanese officials have poured over the reactor to cool it, has been contained within the reactor, and it has reached its limits. If the water overflows, the radioactive material that was in touch with water (maybe diluted into it) will touch the sea water and the radioactive water will dilute into the sea water. Therefore it will DRASTICALLY increase the radioactive-ness of the sea water, making a huge impact to marine life. As of now, even before the over flowing, studies have shown that the radioactive material in the sea, near the coasts of Japan, are 3, 000 times higher than the legal limit. Additionally, because of the radioactive material leakage in the atmosphere, agricultural products have also been affected. Due to that issue, Japan has stopped all exports (another reason I set my guess to 7 years, instead of 4).

(This is a more political – meaning MY thoughts, this time – section of the post)

    When the news of how the Japanese nuclear reactor’s cooling system malfunctioned, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) suggested that Japan use sea water to cool the plant down. HOWEVER, the Japanese ignored such advice and waited for further disaster to happen. Only after flames and radioactive material leakage happened, did they poor sea water. Next, the Japanese FAILED to inform the international community, much less their own citizens, about the official situation at the Fukushima Daichi plant.

    Now what ‘I’ believe led to the enlargement of such nuclear crisis is Japan’s non-cooperation with the international community. Another thing that led to their down fall was their pride. They were too proud of themselves to accept the advice given by the international community. They were also, in a way, too proud of their nuclear reactor to dump cement over the plant, such as what they did in Chernobyl.

    Now THE question. Is not “To be or not to be”, but “Will Japan overcome this nuclear crisis?” Leave your responses in the comment section OR the chat box ->


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