>    Ok, I remember I promised to write an iPad 2 and Macbook Pro (2011) review, but I think this comes first. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Along with the iPad 2, iOs 4.3.1 was released. It didn’t bring MUCH new features to the iPhone, iPod (although you COULD use multi-gesture features that it had in store – which Apple only allowed the iPad 2 to have – if you jailbroke it).

NOW. The iOS has been broken again. By the iPhone Dev Team. What was more surprising was that it is an untethered jailbreak (refer to previous articles to understand what THAT means). Anyway, using PwnageTool, you can jailbreak ALL iDevices EXCEPT the iPad 2, as it doesn’t have the boot ROM exploit. However, it is HIGHLY expected of the iPhone Dev Team, or any other jailbreak genius (maybe GeoHot) to crack this ‘supposed’ unbreakable code.

Thats all for today! This was Artyy-arty. Now signing off.

– Artyy


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