Dominos of the Middle East / Africa

First the President of Tunisia stepped down due to civilian protests. Following Tunisia, Egypt’s President also fell (refer HERE to get to know more about Egypt). Now the Syrian President has announced that he will step down within 30 days. However, protests in all three countries are ongoing, as the people of those countries are requesting the Presidents be tried and be put to justice.

Political unrest is present other parts of the Middle East and African region. Nigeria, one of the biggest African countries recently held elections after numerous military coups that it faced. However, these general elections did not bring peace. It brought the EXACT opposite. Votes were geographically split between Mr. Goodluck Jonathan  and General Muhammadu Buhari. The winner of the election, President Jonathan gained majority of his votes from the Southern part of Nigeria, the predominantly Christian side, while General Buhari gained majority of his votes from Northern Nigeria, with a mainly Muslim population. It is said that President Jonathan had an advantage, that ex-President Yar’Adua inherited the presidency in May 2010 to President Jonathan, the ex-Vice President. He also served numerous times as the ‘acting’ president, when the ex-President was unable to fulfill his duties to to his health conditions.

As the civil unrest spreads around the Middle East and African region, Libya continues to face the dire consequences brought forth by the UK, US, and France (post on Libya coming soon…). Exactly like a domino I say. When will political stability return to the Middle East and Africa? Will all these long term ruling presidents, as well as ‘non-democratic’ governments be replaced? No one knows the answer, except god.

– Artyy×190/2011/04/18/nigeria-pres_1.jpg


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