Religion and Asia.

Hello folks! Happy April 22nd! What day is it? A very special day. ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY. Gotta get down on Friday! Just saying, thats not the reason if thats what you were thinking. The reason is that your reading my BLOG! It can be a special day ANYDAY as long as you visit ArtyyShire! Not only that, its the day I posted this post, which makes it EXTRA special! Anyway, on to the ‘topic’ of the DAY!

Asia. A place filled with religions. Why is Asia more faithful to a ‘god’ rather than other parts of the world such as Europe? Here is MY explanation:

Europe has tons of non-believing countries such as Sweden, with only 8% of its total population believing there IS a god in a faith. Asia, is filled with religions including: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. Why? Well, first of all its where most of the modern religion originates from! Lets take an example.

Christianity, and Judaism all originated from the ‘sacred land’ that is currently the land of Israel, which is in the Middle East, which is also technically in Asia. While Islam originated from Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia (ALSO part of Asia!).

So seeing as a handful of modern day religions were originated from Asia, I think that actually explains why Asia is more religious than Europe. Not for the reason of being ‘developed’ or more down to Earth, but because it is the heart for numerous different religions. It can be related to an earthquake. The origin is hit the strongest, and the further out it goes, the weaker it gets.

– Artyy


4 responses to “Religion and Asia.

  1. >I think it's worth pointing out that Buddhism and some other religions do not actually believe in the existence of God. Try a Google search for "God in Buddhism".

  2. >Sorry, that was supposed to be a bit more specific. i will change that 8% of its total ppulation believes in a 'faith'

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