Combining Democracy and Communism (Framework)

Hi again, blog-o-sphere/cyber-world/etc. Anyway, politics again (but thankfully I have two other members who will tackle different aspects.. Adr5 and Suh). Today is about communism and democracy. Can we combine em?

Communism is a concept that has been hated by tons of people, just because of a couple of countries that were communism, such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) also known as, North Korea. Now, communism isn’t something that is innately bad, in some people opinions, its one of the best forms of government. However, to change from modern day democracy, it would be near impossible to change to the ‘communist’ governments run by DPRK or China. Would it not be better to create a ‘hybrid’ between communism and democracy? (This is PURELY my own thought. If it is already a form of government, pardon, because this is ACTUALLY something I thought of).


This hybrid will make sure that everyone is given the right to show their true potential and not be put down by the government. It will also not have Presidents, or official political parties. The governmental decisions that need to be made will be made by the parliament. Now, who elects the people that become part of parliament? Everyone within the country. Who can run? Anyone, as long as they have enough supporters and are from that country or have a PR, etc. When speaking of politics, money is always a key issue. Will it still be an issue if the governments provide the money? The money will be used to equally advertise, to a minimal level, about those who are running for a position. Media would be the key, especially in debates, and stuff. This idea is sort of similar to the ancient Greek governments, where they used to have parliaments ruling the country.

That is the process of electing members for this ‘parliament’. How will this parliament run? All things that are proposed or are trying to amended must pass with a two thirds majority. The number of people in parliament is not decided yet, as I am not ACTUALLY a professor on politics and what not (or should I say, not yet?).

Communism is something that promises to tackle poverty. The thing I was talking about until here is basically normal democracy stuff. However, here is where it has that ‘communist’ aspect. People that earn over ‘x’ amount of money – ‘x’ will be calculated by subtracting the amount that the family normally uses monthly or annually, it depends, from the amount earned – will be taxed more than people that earn less than ‘x’ amount of money. Also, the people that earn more than ‘x’ amount will be taxed accordingly, using a specific formula, which I have not created (yet). Also, the poor will barely have to pay any taxes, as it would affect their standard of living. In this aspect, ‘poor’ would be those people living under the poverty line of $1.25.

What will happen to the money earned from taxing people? This money will be given to the poor, indirectly. Maybe through a fund that improves the poor’s lifestyles, such as providing free education, or funding micro-finance institutes (more on micro-finance coming soon). This will level out the wealth distribution, giving it a bit more communism feel. Not only that, people will be given the same rights, meaning by right there should be no racist separation between people, nor should there be sexist separation.

Thats basically all I thought about in the terms of my theory of creating a hybrid of democracy and communism. Comments, feedback, criticism to the chatbox or the comment box below!

– Artyy


3 responses to “Combining Democracy and Communism (Framework)

  1. >communism doesnt work because us humans have an innate flaw. not all of us are mother theresa. We are all greedy and selfish a bit inside. Someone is always better, and always smarter. The idea that a well educated and smart person that works for 10 hours a day earns the same amount of money as a person who works 6 hours a day with low efficiency doesnt work. There is always jealousy, unfair, and prejudice. A hybird of democracy, communism, CAPITALISM. will work. and from what ive seen. this is china and usa of the current era. China is the most capitalist place on the world. and USA owns most of the countries banks..

  2. >Ok. yes… communism doesn't work because all humans have an innate flaw yes. However, this 'hybrid' i propose to you is not like everyone may only earn the same amount as the poor do. I said that they will be taxed, and stuff like that. Meaning I will not TOTALLY deprive them of their 'specialness'.Not only that, capitalism is alrite. But its brings too big of a wealth gap. So don't you think this 'hybrid' allows you to minimize the wealth gap as well as let ppl be 'unique'

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