Ok, I’m writing this without the permission of ArtyyShire’s CEO/Editor-In-Chief/or whatever you want to call it/him, but considering I received administrative privileges I thought I might as well write a “introductory” article about myself.

Basically my name is Adrian, my name for this blog will be Adr5 (there was much time spent on coming up with this name, so please respect it haha), and my job at ArtyyShire will probably be being head of design and all other “techy” stuff (Artyy has no idea whatsoever on how to do ANYTHING related with computers, tech, etc.). I’ll also be writing articles mainly focused on things like world events, tech stuff (mainly stuff about android, again Artyy doesn’t like android but he’ll have to live with it). Just to tell you now, my articles will be very biased and opinion based, but that’s just how I am, AND to provide some “variety” to Artyy’s articles. That’s enough for now, look for my first real article which will come out soon… hopefully, considering that Artyy doesn’t ban me after reading this article. See ya soon!



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