Haaaay everyone! (NEW MEMBER – Suh)

Hello to all of you who read Arty’s blog. I’m Suh, and I have newly been “employed” to write for Arty. I was told by him that I wasn’t restricted to any topic, but I’d much rather prefer being held down to something, or else my writing might go all over the place, like what sort of happened with my own personal blog (I’m working on fixing it, though: theworldofsuh.blogspot.com). Thus, I decided to dedicate my so-called writing abilities/talents to this blog by writing articles mainly about music or travels (more about music, since I don’t travel a lot days). I have always had a strong love for music, and it has grown more over the past few months, even despite the fact that I don’t play any instruments. Since I know I produce the best work when I’m doing something I enjoy, I’m both excited and nervous about being a new author on Arty’s blog. Anyway, please keep posted on my column, and I promise to make it as interesting as possible! Arty has put in a lot of time to make this blog as successful as it is now, so please appreciate all the work that he, Adr5 (Adrian), and I produce, as we’ll be doing our best!

Thank you!

– Suh

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