Humans: Evil or Good Naturally?

Hi, this is Artyy again, my question today is “Are humans innately good or evil?” Shall we start our venture into Artyy’s mind? Ready or not, here it goes…

Humans, in my opinion, are innately good AND evil at the same time. They are NOT neutral, but they have both the potential to be extremely evil, extremely good, or somewhere in the middle. It is only the question of how much of each category (good or evil) is expressed. There are many examples of how all humans are innately good and evil.

For example, Kofi Annan, the ex-United Nations Secretary General has faced allegations regarding bribery and corruption. This man, is a man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, and is regarded as a good person due to the visions and actions he took. However, the fact that allegations such as stated above arose means that he is not entirely good, and is possibly ‘evil’ to a CERTAIN degree…

Another recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize was President Obama. Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, due to the his vision of changing the American foreign policy to a more peaceful one, and what-not. During his younger times, he was not ‘good’ as he accepted the fact that he did do drugs of some sort. Another icon of ‘goodness’ is Mother Teresa, who was known for caring for the poor, the sick, the orphaned, and the dying. She started this all in the name of God, and was bestowed upon the title of ‘Saint'(?). Few of her quotes talk about how she lost faith in God and how she does not feel him anymore. If Mother Teresa was a hundred percent ‘good’, is it not right for her to believe in God fully?

In conclusion, the reasons stated above are merely justification of how people are born both evil and good, and how good or evil a person is is decided upon how much good or evil they express.

– Artyy

5 responses to “Humans: Evil or Good Naturally?

  1. >In your opinion, what is good and what is evil? Because, in my opinion, I do not think that doing drugs or losing faith in God would classify as being "Evil" or "not being right". Really, who is to judge whether or not an action is good or evil? Oh and Btw, you spelled drugs wrongly =\

  2. >Thanks for pointing that out. I was tired… anyway…Ok, yes… doing drugs or losing faith in God is not 'evil' (btw i did not choose this wording it is a wording from a question I got for one of my projects). ANYWAY (once again) its not 'evil' but more or less not good. And as the question said are humans innately good or _____. If your not good, you must be the other selection (replace ____ with bad/evil/etc)what is good and what is evil? Well good would be peaceful, charitable, and non-self. Doing drugs is bad, unless they are prescription drugs. Drugs alter ur state of mind, at least that is whats its generally known to do, which is bad for you, and since you do it you aren't good. Not believing in god… it wouldn't actually be a sin or Adr5 would be an extremely sinful person. Coming back to the question, it wouldn't necessarily be a sin or 'bad' thing, however in the case of Mother Teresa who was given the title of a 'saint' it is. 'Saint' is only given to those with EXTRME dedication to god.Who is to judge whether an action is good or evil? I'm not sure. But amongst us humans, don't we do it nearly daily? Trials? Who decides that murder is a crime punishable by death (in some countries)?

  3. That’s a pretty good little article you wrote there but how is everything either good or evil. There will always be some neutrality, take the Swiss as an example, in WWII they did not take part in the war. Are they considered evil for not trying to free the people being oppressed by the Germans, or are they good for not wanting to sacrifice their own people for the cause. There will always be some neutrality. Also, about drugs, it depends what type and how much, for example, when you smoke some bud generally you will be a much kinder person and nicer (trust i know from experience). So are drugs really all that bad (weed and not all the other shit, never do the other shit). You mentioned Mother T and how she was loosing faith, in your thinking would it not be considered evil of her to lie about this? Anyway i think that’s enough from me.

  4. Well, as a country I don’t think I can say that a whole country is born both evil and good, cuz that would be generalizing it too much. Also for drugs? Well, ok, it doesn’t necessariily make you a bad person. its not something thats evil, but seen as ‘evil’ by the community that doesn’t do drugs. Well, about Mother Teresa, I just mentioned her, cuz she was made a saint. the highest ranking of a christian/catholic believer (i think, its like similar to a pope) however, she ‘betrayed’ god and doubted his existence. if she was doubtful of her, why accept sainthood? oh and i might be a bit rusty on this, cuz its been months since i wrote this. and thx for showing interest and questioning the article sean.

  5. yo shins, of i agree with the first comment, what boundaries does good and bad have? it always crosses each other way too many times to call someone good, though we call someone good only because most of the things they do are good e.g. donating to charity, helping people out, not picking fights with peopele (unless its funny hahahaha). its just human nature to do things that others may see as bad. at the end of the day, we are still animals, not significant beings of the universe 🙂

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