Alex Turner

    Words really can draw pictures in a person’s mind, but it is hard to come across someone who possesses such a power. However, a diamond among the dirt has been found. Starting from around 2005/2006, Arctic Monkeys lead singer and guitarist Alex Turner proved he was one of the few that was able to play with words and create vivid images in a person’s mind, through his articulate lyrics in the wonderful songs he creates. Alex Turner is certainly a jewel in the music industry, as he and his crew of band mates were able to successfully publicize their songs and themselves merely through online sites. Not only that, many of the songs he writes and has written may confuse others, and most of the time, there are unique, hidden meanings behind his work….Turner’s music taste has evolved since the first time his songs were shared among fans, with the first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. In this album, his lyrics were more cynical and displayed negative criticism for the world’s fake societies along with witty sarcasm that was noticeable in certain lines (“There’s a super cool band yeah, with their trilbys and their glasses of white wine” – Fake Tales of San Francisco). However, in their second album, Favorite Worst Nightmare, Turner decided to make a slight, maybe even unnoticeable, change to the band’s style, and coined lyrics and rhythms that were slower and calmer than the first album’s songs. The second album also had less of the criticism or pessimistic opinions visible in the songs, and there were new ideas introduced (“You used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your nightdress” – Fluorescent Adolescent). Next, their most recent, third album, released with the title Humbug, was the most dramatic change visible in both Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys. Turner’s lyrics became harder to solve than ever, and the sound of the whole band had turned more mellow and mystical (“It’s a magnolia celebration, to be attempted on a Wednesday night” – Secret Door). Nonetheless, the band gained more and more fame as they progressed over the years, and Turner’s chameleon-like song-writing techniques and words were whole-heatedly accepted by many. Many magazines and various artists recognize and praise Turner’s lyrical ingenuity, such as NME, a British magazine which chose him as one of the “Coolest Men on Earth”. To add to that, an artist who peaked Turner’s personal interest, named John Cooper Clark, praised not only the Arctic Monkeys’ work, but the band’s name as well (“John told us Arctic Monkeys was a brilliant name for a band, a picture of trauma. A monkey could never survive in a landscape like that.” – Alex Turner).

    It can be easily proven that Turner is one of the most talented songwriters to have been introduced to the global community in the 21st century. Recently, the band’s fourth album, Suck It and Sees‘s songs have been slightly exposed to the public, bit by bit, and many are already more than satisfied with the style Turner has chosen for 2011 (a more darker version of rock they used to play). Alex Turner’s lyrics have been developing ever since the start/creation of the band, and many are hanging with anticipation to see what more will be produced from that creative mind of his.

– Suh

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