The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Hey guys, as many you may know I don’t easily give in to Apple’s marketing techniques. I don’t own an iPod, I have a Zune 120, I don’t have a Mac, I have an HP Pavilion Elite… and so on the story goes. As all of you know, recently the world of tech has added a new dimension: tablets. Again, Apple were first into it with their iPad. First I thought this might actually be an Apple product I might buy, but then Samsung came along and introduced the Galaxy Tab; which I then bought, and this is what I think:

    THE GOOD First of all, although small, the 7″ screen the Galaxy Tab is I think, almost the perfect size for a tablet. Many people think the iPad and even the iPad 2, is still too big to be “portable”; I can actually fit the Galaxy Tab in my pocket…Secondly, the Galaxy Tab runs Android 2.2 (will be updated to 2.3 soon), and Android, quite frankly, is a billion times better than iOS, but i’ll tell you why in another post. Also, the Galaxy Tab has a MicroSD card slot which makes so much easier to transfer music, video, pictures, etc. and also provides the ability to change the amount of storage the Tab has (not limited to the 16GB,32GB,64GB sizes that the iPad’s have to offer). Lastly, but this is more personal, I actually very much like the fact that you can make calls and text on the Galaxy Tab. There’s no reason why I like this, it just is something that’s pleasant to have.

THE BAD To be honest, there is not much that I dislike about the Galaxy Tab, maybe in the future I’d like to try a bigger screen size (yes 7″ is perfect for portability, but Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Tab 8.9), but there is ONE MAJOR PROBLEM the Galaxy Tab has and that is CPU, GPU, and RAM processing speed. At first when I got the Tab it was fast and always responded, but after time when I installed multiple apps (over 120 now) it started lagging a bit, and now it sometimes freezes. To be honest I think Samsung should’ve waited and instead of a 1GHz ARM A8 processor, waited for a 1.5GHz, that would change a lot. And again, Samsung now has combated that problem and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 & 10.1 will ship with DUAL 1GHz processors and have 1024MB of RAM instead of the Galaxy Tab’s 512MB.

Overall, I love my Galaxy Tab dearly and it has a bunch of positives about it, but yet again has its downsides. Despite this, Samsung have done a very fine job with their first tablet and I believe that the Galaxy Tab is a solid start for the future table generations.



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  1. Haha yau hui. im not sure who accepted ur comment though. i didn’t get a message from wordpress.. i think adr5 already saw it. well i wonder what his response will be.

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