FAQ of ArtyyShire

Yes people of the cyber world. Its time for Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT ARTYYSHIRE!!

1. Why ArtyyShire?

I reckon I’ve been asked this a GAZILLION times. Even from viewers, as well as the authors that are SUPPOSED to be writing for the blog. So here is my explanation for ArtyyShire. In Britain, there are places such as York Shire, which I believe is something similar to a kingdom or a community or a town. My goal for ArtyShire is that it becomes sort of like a community of writers. So ArtyyShire is to expand from five writers (me, Adr5, Suh, Razz, Johannes) to more writers in the future, thus diversifying the things written about. That is why its called ArtyyShire (the kingdom of Artyy, since I created it)…

2. Why Blogger?

Well, maybe not frequently asked, but its questioned by some of the authors, especially the person in charge of layout… *cough* Adr5 *cough* Right now, ArtyyShire is on Blogger, which has a limited amount of themes, and they aren’t as attractive as some themes. Me and my head-of-layout were looking around for other possible sites we can use/host sometimein the future. Our decision is ‘WordPress’. We are still experimenting and we will only open it after most of the things are transferred and this site will probably still be open. Just a bit of hint, when we reach 7,000 views and all the authors update regularly we may become ‘independent’ (what it means, it is for you to guess).

3. Can I Join?

This is more a question (I’m pretty sure sarcastically) asked by my friends. The answer is: You don’t ask to join, you are asked to join (I think that’s a quote from G.I. Joe, I’m not sure).

That’s all the FAQs that I could think of. Anyway, tune in tomorrow for more posts. Hopefully both from me and other authors, especially Razz.

– Artyy


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