The Future of Music

I rarely never write anything about music. However, today is a day of change. I’m writing about music, but not about how beautiful it is, but how it has been taken advantage of and ‘exploited’.
A few weeks ago, Rebecca Black (a singer who was criticized by the general public due to h

er ‘horrible’ voice that was ‘overly’ auto-tuned). On YouTube, she had around 157 million views. 157 million views, just by looking at the number, we can ‘assume’ that she did well and she’s popular. Wrong. Out of the 157 million views, a majority of them are dislikes and hates.Now, todays post is NOT about how ‘horrible’ Rebecca Black is. It’s about how the future of the music industry should change…     There have been many singers making their debuts. I do not want to put them down, but I believe that it is a disgrace to call yourself a ‘singer’, when you are singing with a 100% auto-tuned voice. It’s true that ‘everyone can sing’. However, not everyone can become a singer in my opinion (strictly MY opinion, does NOT include the other author’s opinions – such as Suh’s). To be a singer requires talent or effort, rather than auto-tuning your voice. Its alright if the voice is auto-tuned to a part of the song, however when the whole song is auto-tuned, such as ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black, it cannot classify as a ‘good’ song.

Exploitation of auto-tune is not the ONLY thing wrong with the music nowadays. Songs have started to lose meanings, and they are based on rather pointless things, such as a day in the week, or jeans. Music is a way of communication. It is a source of inspiration, however how can we call something based on so trivial and so unimportant a source of inspiration. Of course it is possible a small thing can become a source of inspiration, but there is a limit to what a source of inspiration can be. Jeans and Friday are two topics that have NO meaning at all (Jeans refers to ‘My Jeans’ by someone and Friday is to ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black).

Now the future of the music industry should revert back to its old form, with more meaningful songs, with people making debuts with hard effort or having talent, not with the help of auto-tune.

– Artyy

6 responses to “The Future of Music

  1. I would like to point out the fact that Jenna Rose (My Jeans) and Rebecca Black aren’t actually in the music industry; neither of them are signed to record labels.

  2. You’re completely right. Not to forget, music is so generic these days. Rarely anything surprising and different. So sad.

  3. Mikhail, your right. they are technically not in the music industry, however they ARE on itunes. and i think i’ll just base it on that. cuz itunes has a wider influnence?

  4. Any chance this might be related to rampant music piracy? Pirates = lower sales revenue = real music talents chased away = we get Rebecca Black. Just a thought.

    (Shameless plug: I wrote a post on my blog a while back about music piracy and how it may affect the industry. You can search it up if you’re interested)

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